Friday, March 10, 2017

Problem Solving Maths

On Friday in room 8 we do problem solving maths.
When we do this we are learning to work together to solve problems. This can be hard but we are flexible and reflective learners who are trying to be better than before.

This was today's problem...

Cubes in my pocket
Plane partitionI have some cubes in my pocket.

I noticed that when I shared the cubes into two equal groups there was one left over.
When I shared them into three equal groups there were two left over?
How many cubes might I have in my pocket? What range of possibilities might there be?

We had to discuss the problem

We had to test our theories with materials at times

We challenged others' ideas

We had to ask others to explain their thinking to us


  1. Hi Room 8! This is Room 28. We have loved looking through your blog. This problem solving looks really difficult. You were obviously being very curious learners and persevered through this. Well done! You can check out our blog at

  2. Thank you for your comment Chris. It's nicw that you're reading us! We will definately check out Room 28 blogs too!