Tuesday, September 5, 2017

EPro8 Technology Challenge

We attended the EPro8 Technology Challenge today.
We were each put into groups of four and the man in charge gave us brief instructions on what we needed to do.

Here are some of our reflections:

Kakapo Group:

Today we went to Epro 8 we had so much fun!
We found out that measuring was quite challenging.
Setting up the fans was the easiest part.
We had to make a ticket booth.
We finished most of our tasks.
We got 210 points.


Kereru Group

What did you find easy?
Putting the cords in  the right place. Kane
Holding the balloon. Stanley
Putting the cords in  the right place. Kavith

What did you find difficult?
Getting tasks done in a limited time. Maskil

What was your favourite part?
When the winners were revealed. Stanley
Making the balloon float on the fans. Kane

How did you find working with a group?
Good, because we could help each other. Kavith
Helpful. Kane

What would you do differently next time?
Paying extra attention. Stanley

Team Pukeko
What did you find easy? The balloon challenge.Leah
What did you find difficult ? Building the box. Claire
What was your favorite part? Building the box. Rishabh
How did you feel working with the group? Good! Maksim
What would you do next time? Work faster.

Leah, Claire, Rishabh, Maksim

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